The Mission of Northwest Hills Prevention Connection

Working in Region 7 and Winchester communities, the Northwest Hills Prevention Connection’s (NHPC) mission is to promote and increase the community’s quality of life by preventing substance misuse.

We work to prevent the use of illicit substances by implementing strategies and activities specifically targeting teen’s access to substances, and family norms surrounding substance use.

Find out what you can do to get involved and support our mission for a healthy community.

Getting Ahead of a Problem

Communities with Partnership for Success grants are seeing dramatic decreases in the rates of underage alcohol consumption. In a three-year period, underage drinking among Connecticut kids ages 12-17 decreased 9.2% –National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).

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  • Sarah Toomey – Recovery Navigator – Prevention 
  • Ruth Gonzalez – Therapist/Professor – Treatment
  • Lindsay Rodgers – Church Youth Group Leader – Faith
  • Kathleen Vaill – Director of Social Services – WinchesterTown Government
  • Tanya Risucci – Director of the Recreation Department
  • Tara Yard – Director of Social Services – Town of Norfolk
  • Dawn Whalen – Town of New Hartford 
  • Heidi Gallagher – Town of New Hartford 
  • Andrew Lyon – Director of Prevention Services
  • Kim Fiducia – Student Support -Social Worker -SchoolBased (The Gilbert School)
  • Andy Bakulski – Assistant Principal NWR7
  • Catharina Ohm – Council Chair
  • Erica Dyndiuk – Town of Barkhamsted
  • William Fitzgerald – Chief of Police – WPD
  • David Wood – School Resource Officer – Region 7
  • Julissa Martinez – Youth Serving Organization 
  • Gina Sartirana – Town of Colebrook


NHPC was informally established in 2014 as a joint coalition with the Torrington Coalition to Prevent Youth Substance Abuse. In 2015, the McCall Center for Behavioral Health applied for a 5-year Partnership for Success Grant, known as the PFS 2015 Grant. They were successfully awarded money to fund the community coalition for Region 7 and Winsted in order to tackle youth substance abuse issues within the community. In December of 2016, the coalition met to form The Region 7/Winchester Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking, which today is known as the Northwest Hills Prevention Connection (NHPC).


NHPC follows an evidenced-based, public health model known as the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF). The five steps and two guiding principles of the SPF offer coalitions a comprehensive process for addressing the substance misuse and related behavioral health problems facing their communities


  • Use the SPF as a guidance model in harm reduction and prevention strategies.
  • Strengthen NHPC through increased community collaborations and partnerships.
  • Reduce the amount of youth who report consuming alcohol.
  • Increase youth educational opportunities and opportunities for community involvement.
  • Promote healthy and sustainable living activities for the community at large.


Northwest Hills Prevention Connection