Flavors Hook Kids (website)

Flavors mask the harsh taste of tobacco, making it easier for kids to get hooked on nicotine. Check out this website and learn more about flavored vapes and Juuls https://www.flavorshookkids.org/

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Teens Inhale Cancer-Causing Chemicals in E-Cigs

We all know that cigarettes are linked to cancer, but so are vapes! Teenagers who try vaping may be poisoning themselves with many of the same chemicals that make traditional cigarettes so deadly. Vaping is NOT a safer way to use tobacco, nor is it an approved method...

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Why States Should Limit Marijuana Potency

"A new study suggests [the increase in marijuana potency] could create public health problems down the road as more users become addicted or otherwise impaired. The study was conducted in the Netherlands, where marijuana is legally available through "coffee shops."...

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