Region 7 and Winchester Safe Party Parent Pledge

Prevention works best when parents communicate with one another. In an effort to dramatically reduce drug use and underage drinking, NHPC is recruiting parents to sign the Safe Party Parent Pledge, making a commitment to provide safe drug- and alcohol- free environments for anyone under the age of 21 in their homes. Once you take the pledge, you gain access to a list of all families who have signed. You can communicate with each other to confirm event details, and be assured that the party your kid is going to is safe and supervised.

Parents can choose how much information you would like to share. Required information on the registry is your family name, and a frequently checked email address. All optional information for the registry includes the names of children, home address, and phone number(s). Please keep in mind the more information you authorize, the easier it is for other parents to contact you to ensure their child is safe.

How To Use It:

  1. Email stating that you provide safe gatherings in your home.
  2. You will receive an email (within 24 hours) requesting information you would like posted on the document. Once you submit, you will receive a confirmation email, with the password to view the directory
  3. If your child is going to a party at a classmate’s home:
    1. Click the button below, and use your password to view registry,
    2. Look up the family name of the home your child will be going to
    3. Send the host family an email, or call them if phone number is provided, to confirm that the party will be supervised and that no drugs or alcohol will be allowed
    4. Thank the host family
    5. Know your child is safe for the night!
  4. If you are having a party at your home, be available to be contacted by parents on the registry to ensure that their kids are safe

The Pledge:

  • I will not serve alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs to my children, or other people’s children, while other people’s children are in my home
  • I will safeguard alcohol and prescription medication(s) in my home
  • I will not, knowingly, allow parties in my home that are not appropriately supervised
  • I will allow other parents to contact me by email, or phone if I provide, should they have any questions, or to confirm that the event will be safe and supervised